We offer a wide range of Commercial Insurance from Public Liability through to Directors and Officers Insurance, please see below details of the insurance cover we offer, or contact us with any bespoke requirements.

We also offer a range of services as personal, home, car insurance, details of which are available elsewhere on our company website.

R T Waters Ltd is one of Surrey’s best kept secrets. Our business insurance brokers, and our commercial insurance brokers, deliver a first-class service. We meet your needs with a client-focused approach that we’ve built on the principles of professionalism, trust and the very best in personal care.

Commercial Property Owners Cover

If you earn an income as a commercial landlord, you’ll already know something about the many responsibilities of managing one or more business properties. Arranging insurance isn’t always straightforward, especially when there are several properties to cover. Making the right choice on a policy is just as important for you as it is for your tenants. We use our skill and experience to provide you with the best possible advice.

Our commercial insurance brokers match clients with exceptional cover, tailored to their needs, and with a wide range of commercial trades catered for.

• Building and Contents Insurance
• Accident Damage Cover
• Multiple Property Policies
• Alternative Accommodation Expenses

• Terrorism Cover
• Subsidence and Landslip Cover
• Standard Employer Liability Insurance (£10m)

We also offer separate cover for landlord’s legal protection and rent guarantees, and for property owner’s liability insurance from £1m but with the option to increase to £5m+.

Public Liability Insurance

Our home insurance brokers have an excellent understanding of the growing mid- to high-net worth insurance market. We advise you not to confuse an adapted standard household policy with a genuine high net worth alternative. While some adapted policies will cover larger risk values, they may also have specific exclusions and warranties.

R T Waters Ltd can access mid- to high net worth policies which include larger single article limits. Clauses may apply to alarms, locks and safes if you don’t have any of these features fitted inside or around the home.

We can also insure valuables on an agreed value basis, helping you to resolve any future claims quickly and easily.

• Insurance for Contents and Personal Effects
• Art and Antiques (£15,000 Single Article Limit)
• Jewellery and Watches (£5,000 Single Article Limit)
• Additional Home Cover up to 15% of Insured Sum
• Non-Standard Construction Property
• Student Possessions up to a £15,000 Value

• Alternative Accommodation up to 3 Years
• Up to £20,000 of Business Equipment Cover
• Up to £10,000 of Stock Cover
• Optimal Family Legal Protection
• Contract Work Cover up to £75,000 (excluding JCT)
• Unlimited Trace and Access Cover for Gas and Water Leaks

Clients can also use our personal and home insurance brokers to benefit from the following high net worth products:

• Generous Single Article Limits of £25,000 for High-Value Jewellery and Watches
• Generous Single Article Limits of £50,000 for Art and Antiques over £500,000 in Value
• Up to 25% or £100,000 for Additional UK Homes and for Art in Business Premises
• Unlimited Alternative Accommodation
• Student Possession, Course and Residence Fees
• Contract Work Cover up to £150,000 (excluding JCT)
• Environmental Home Upgrades to a Total Value of £50,000
• Crisis Management Section to Include Identity Theft and Trauma Cover in Full

Employer Liability Insurance

The vast majority of UK businesses employ staff. This means they must have employer’s liability insurance in place to cover the cost of legal fees and, if required, compensation, should an employee sustain an injury or contract an illness while working on behalf of a company. Our business insurance brokers can talk you through the many different products we have available, and we can also discuss public liability policies.

R T Waters Ltd has helped clients in the local area to find suitable business insurance for over 60 years, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect policy too.

Contractors Liability Insurance

Any claim of liability made against you, be it from an employee, a subcontractor, a client or a member of the public, could threaten the very existence of your business. If you trade as a self-employed contractor or play an important role in any business where you have to make key decisions personally, it is vitally important to protect yourself with a level of cover that ties in with your needs and requirements.

Our commercial insurance brokers are here to help contractors in Surrey. We guide you with advice on limits of cover and can arrange an employer or public liability policy tailored to your business.

Office and Shopkeepers Insurance

Whether you work as a one-man operation from home, run a small retail outlet or own a global plc, our business insurance brokers can arrange insurance and advise on a commercial policy that ties in perfectly with how you trade. This type of insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will still provide sufficient cover for you, your assets, your employees and your premises, irrespective of whether you own or lease.

R T Waters Ltd can tailor your policy to the way you run your business and, as you grow, we’ll be there with you to offer exceptional cover from a recommended insurer network.

• Building and Contents
• Interruption to Business
• Financial Loss
• Goods in Transit
• Employer Liability

• Public Liability
• Legal Expenses
• Employee Theft
• Terrorism Cover
• All Risks Specified

Having helped clients on a local, regional and nationwide scale for more than six decades, our business insurance brokers are confident in finding you a policy that works.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Like all reputable commercial insurance brokers, we strongly advise that you have professional indemnity insurance in place. If you offer professional advice or services yourself, this cover protects you in the event of somebody claiming against that advice or your services. If you operate at a professional level on a regional or nationwide basis, we can provide exceptional cover through our insurer network.

Professional indemnity insurance inspires confidence amongst your own clients and generates trust in your business.

• Cover from £50K up to £50m
• All Professions Covered
• Public Liability Options
• Employer Liability Options

Cyber Risks

As a business owner, it is usually a matter of course to cover tangible assets, such as laptops, or tablet computers, but what would you do if your network suffered a security breach? This could result in stolen data, leading to an immediate financial impact on your business as well as damaging your company’s reputation.

A cyber insurance policy not only provides you with financial protection against fines and penalties, but it also includes legal advice, IT forensics and expert support. These experts can even rebuild your IT network should the worst ever happen.

We have access to “off-the-shelf” cyber packages which cover basic requirements for smaller businesses. For those larger bespoke risks, we have access to our London Market providers who will shape a policy unique to you and your business requirements.

Cover available includes:

• Incident Management
• Crisis Response
• Public Relations
• Legal Defence
• Expert IT Advice
• Forensic Investigation

Cargo Insurance

If you import or export goods, R T Waters Ltd can use its panel of recommended insurers to find cover that protects them. Ship across the world, by road, rail, sea or air, with complete confidence. Our business insurance brokers have vast experience in cargo insurance and can bring a range of benefits to your business at a fair, affordable premium.

• Single Trip Insurance
• Frequent Trip Insurance
• Annual Policies
• Motor Vehicle Cover

• Household Goods
• Personal Effects
• All-Risk Cover
• UK and Worldwide Cover

Directors and Officers Insurance

If you run a company with directors or key managers, R T Waters Ltd recommends that you carry Directors and Officers liability (D&O) insurance. The decisions of directors, and those of senior executives, could leave you or your business exposed to claims and legal costs. Directors and Officers liability insurance absorbs the cost of your defence in the event of legal proceedings, and the cost of any compensation you might be liable for in the event of an unsuccessful defence.

Because we have a large panel of insurers ready and waiting to help you, R T Waters Ltd can offer you a series of benefits:

• Director, Officer and Company Reimbursement
• £10m Limit of Indemnity for a Single Claim
• Non-Executive Director Limits of £250,000
• Higher Limits Available on Request
• Legal Representation Expenses
• Costs from Extradition Proceedings

• Tax Contributions for Insolvency
• Tax Contributions for Personal Liability
• Director to Director Actions
• Whistleblowing Costs
• Pollution Defence Costs
• Wrongful Employment-Related Acts

Event Insurance

Clients in Leatherhead, Surrey and those further afield can use our commercial insurance brokers for bespoke event cover. At R T Waters Ltd, we understand that no two events are ever the same. For this reason alone, we can work alongside our recommended panel of insurers to find you tailored policies which tie in perfectly with how you run your events.

From small exhibitions to large-scale corporate events, and also covering concerts, weddings and celebrations, we can help you to choose one-off or annual policies for national or international use. Clients can also choose from an extensive choice of add-ons that prepare ahead for the unexpected.

Standard policy benefits include:

• Cancellation, Postponement, Curtailment and Abandonment
• Financial Loss Including Expected Profit (Optional)
• Financial Penalties for Failure to Vacate
• Public Liability of up to £25m with Options to Increase
• Employer Liability of up to £10m
• Accident Loss and Damage to Property (Owned or Hired)
• Terrorism Cover (£100,000 or Total Event Indemnity Limit)

Goods in Transit Insurance

There are numerous ways to transport goods, from delivering yourself to using a basic courier service or an international logistical company. Whether you run a small or large-scale operation, it is important to have a goods in transit policy in place. You may deliver your own goods or products on behalf of your clients. We can protect the value of consignments, or your business, from the repercussions of delays.

Our business insurance brokers work with a large panel of providers, covering a range of markets, sectors and industries to bring you a distinctive range of benefits:

• Cover for Carriage of Business Goods
• Tradesmen Goods and Goods in Transit
• Freight Liability Cover
• Domestic and Commercial Removals

• Marine Cargo Insurance
• Trailer Cover Extensions
• Warehouse Keeper Cover
• European Haulage and Freight Cover

For further information on any of our commercial insurance policies, please contact us on 01372 375155.

Lake and Pond Insurance

Whether you require cover for ornamental lakes and ponds, wildlife ponds or multiple fishing lakes, we offer professional advice and make sure your insurance policy includes the most suitable types of cover:

Lake Insurance

‍We offer comprehensive insurance which is tailored to your needs and use of your lake. You may have public access or a property on your land you wish to include in the cover. When supplying a lake insurance policy, we can arrange cover for the following:

• Material Damage
• Equipment
• Fish Stock
• Business Interruption

• Employers’ Liability
• Public Liability
• Professional Indemnity
• Environmental Liability

Pond Insurance

‍Ponds offer a wide range of benefits. As well as adding a calming and decorative touch to a commercial space, they have a significant impact on the environment. Because of this, it is also important to have environmental liability insurance.

We can arrange cover to include:

• Environmental Damage
• Personal Injury
• Property Damage
• Clean-Up Costs

Additional aspects of pond insurance can include public and employers’ liability insurance, and protection against flooding.

Because the public has access to commercial ponds, it’s essential to be covered against all potential risks. The last thing you want is to be found liable for an accident, injury or property damage simply because you don’t have the right policy.

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