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R T Waters Ltd specialises in insurance and risk management for an extensive range of markets. As home insurance brokers, we carry out assessments to ensure your cover fully protects your property and your contents. Our commercial insurance brokers have unrivalled expertise in keeping businesses in Epsom, and those in the surrounding areas, protected too. With a supporting team of car insurance brokers available as well, we can find policies tailored to all of your requirements.No matter what your needs might be, our personal and business insurance brokers deliver results you can trust, always at a cost-effective price.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of complete satisfaction to clients across a broad range of services. This page offers introductory advice to anyone in the Epsom area who might be looking for home insurance brokers, or who may need help with finding commercial or car insurance policies.

Home Insurance Brokers

When it comes to home insurance, you must ensure your policy provides the correct level of cover against unexpected property damage. A lack of insurance could leave you facing large repair bills. Our home insurance brokers advise Epsom property owners on how to secure the correct levels of cover, particularly ahead of the harsher winter months. However, protection at any time of the year is always a good idea.

If, for example, your roof has seen better days, then snow, storms and freeze-thaw cycles can cause significant damage. Likewise, debris in guttering and the drainage system can freeze to cause blockages or cracks.

Further considerations at a more personal level include pipework insulation in exposed areas, knowing where your stopcock is, fuse box condition, boiler performance and the condition of the central heating system. Tie these factors in with a policy from our home insurance brokers, and property owners in the Epsom area have much less to worry about.

Because we also trade as car insurance brokers, R T Waters Ltd can also cover any vehicles kept at your property.

Commercial Insurance Brokers

In the dual role of home insurance brokers and business insurance brokers, we cover all areas of domestic and commercial property cover. However, self-employed professionals and business owners in Epsom should also consider the need for public liability insurance. While employer liability insurance is a legal requirement, public liability cover isn’t.

However, it is no less important a consideration for any business with regular public interaction.

Our commercial insurance brokers cannot stress the importance of this protection strongly enough. Put simply, in the event of a compensation claim against you or your company, public liability cover becomes invaluable. Our business insurance brokers can recommend cover for all commercial entities in Epsom, including cafés, restaurants, shops and hairdressers.

As car insurance brokers too, we can also provide expert advice on single vehicle or fleet cover.

Car Insurance Brokers

Modern technology continues to have a huge impact on the world of insurance. For example, dashboard cameras have changed car insurance policies in a relatively short period of time. Insurance companies are fully aware of the value dashcams can provide. They can use footage as evidence following accidents to help identify who was to blame.

Today, most insurers offer discounts to drivers with dashboard cameras installed. As such, our car insurance brokers often advise motorists to purchase their own devices.

We have customer-facing High Street offices in Leatherhead, just a short drive from Epsom, where you can come and discuss a new policy in person. R T Waters Ltd can even offer cover to learner and young drivers through Marmalade, a company that allows you to drive the cars of family or friends without impacting the no-claims bonus of the owners.

Are you looking for a home insurance broker, or do you need help from business insurance brokers or commercial insurance brokers who can advise on the best policies for an Epsom-based company? Do you need personal advice from our car insurance brokers, or assistance with covering your fleet?

Whatever your needs, R T Waters Ltd is here to help.

Call our home and business insurance brokers on 01372 375155. R T Waters Ltd covers Epsom and all surrounding Surrey areas.


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