Proud BIBA Members

At R T Waters Ltd, we understand how important it is to be careful when choosing an insurance broker. Whether you require a home insurance broker or a commercial insurance broker, your eventual choice plays a vital role in protecting everything you value, and all of the things you’ve worked so hard for over the years. As a car insurance broker too, our own services extend to cover the needs of all customers and clients in the Leatherhead area.

Like any reputable home or business insurance broker, R T Waters Ltd has British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) membership. For your peace of mind, you should always choose an insurance broker with BIBA accreditation.

Below, we explain the most important reasons as to why.

Why is BIBA Membership Important?

As the UK’s premier insurance intermediary organisation, BIBA represents the interests of both brokers and their clients. Whether you choose R T Waters Ltd as a home insurance broker, a commercial insurance broker, a car insurance broker or a combination of all three, we always put your interests first.

This includes providing advice, managing risk and, of course, offering the most suitable insurance cover to homeowners, businesses and drivers in all parts of Leatherhead.

In short, BIBA is the leading voice of the insurance sector so, while our home and business insurance brokers ensure you have the best protection, BIBA oversees the interests of all parties involved. To gain BIBA membership, home and commercial insurance brokers must meet stringent criteria. A key aspect of this is complying with a Code of Conduct.

From business and home insurance brokers, all the way through to car insurance brokers, BIBA advises its members to:

  • Abide by all necessary laws, regulations and principles. In the case of personal and business insurance brokers, there should never be any compromises in adhering to regulatory principles and the law

  • Act with honesty and integrity. All car, home and commercial insurance brokers, whether in locally or in any other UK location, should conduct themselves in a trustworthy, fair and transparent manner

  • Act in the best interests of the client. Home insurance brokers and business insurance brokers have a duty to make good decisions based on the client’s personal priorities, needs, circumstances and concerns

  • Act with care, diligence and skill. Put simply, BIBA members must operate to the highest standards at all times. You should expect nothing less from any home, business or car insurance broker in the Leatherhead area

BIBA membership represents the gold standard for any home or commercial insurance broker. At R T Waters Ltd, we strongly advise against working with any broker who doesn’t hold this accreditation. With High Street premises in Leatherhead, our home insurance brokers, and our team of business insurance brokers, have a proven track record for delivering first-class services in all neighbouring Surrey areas.

We even have useful information and access to a handy client portal on our company website.

Call our home and business insurance brokers on 01372 375155. R T Waters Ltd covers Leatherhead and all surrounding Surrey areas.


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